Ergonomics mats

ergonomic mats

Why should we have ergonomic mats?

The demands for a better work environment are increasing all the time, and it is important that all employees have the best conditions to perform their work without getting worn on the body.
The ergonomics are becoming increasingly important and we have seen this through an increased need for carpets. We work standing on hard floors we load back, legs and feet, and with an ergonomic mat we can facilitate everyday life and have more energy to do our work. SD Mats AB is currently working with a complete range of different types of carpets, where the need governs which carpet is best suited.
In addition to the standard range, we also manufacture customized products, which means that you choose the carpet and we manufacture according to your measurements.

Ergonomiska mattor-JC butiken

How do I choose the right mats?

It depends on the surroundings, if the dry rooms are used, most carpets will work while in oily premises, the chemicals that are on the floor need to be taken into account.

Rooms with hygienic requirements can be a carpet that has properties thereafter, we have the options.

Below you will find suggestions that can help you choose the right ergonomic rug.

Dry environments

Dry environments can be stores round the box, warehouses with packing tables, industries where production is in dry environments such as the furniture industry.

Most of the Ergonomic rugs we have for dry environments, a great seller is Ergo classic (an economical mat) that works great. A cheap alternative that many take home a roll and cut to the right length when a carpet needs to be replaced. Alternatives are available in Ergo Plus and Ergo Plus Extra, which is a variant with orange peel surface.

Ergo Bubbel is the company health favorite and it fits perfectly in dry environments. We have several sizes in stock, if you want special size then it is no problem. We bring out the size you want.

Ergonomiska mattor-Ergo Classic

Wet environments

Wet environments can be industries with different liquids. Lubricants, various oils and cutting fluids are the means that must be taken into account when it comes to ergonomic mats. If you are unsure which mat is suitable you can ask for samples that you can test in your environment. It usually turns out after a week if the mat can handle your fluids.

Ergo Durk is the carpet we sell most of, a really all-round rug that can handle most obstacles. The carpet is customized according to the customer’s wishes and it is standard with rounded corners and bevelled edge to counteract the risk of tripping. Ergo Bubbel Nitrile is the mat that can handle most of all our carpets when it comes to tough liquids. We always have a dozen sizes in stock, if you want special it is no problem as it is vulcanized to the desired size. A cheaper alternative is our Ergo Dome, a standard size that you puzzle together to the desired length.

Ergonomiska mattor- Ergo Durk

Large environments

When it comes to larger environments to be covered, we have a few different variants. It can be like the picture around a station, in the garage or in the gym. Stables and lots of industries can also be covered in applications, naturally so it works for the smaller station. It is all made of rubber and can handle most of the liquids.

Ergo Ease and Ergo Solid are similar in their construction, both 91x91cm, ergo ease is with holes for drainage while Ergo Solid is exactly as it sounds solid (dense). As accessories there are edge strips to put on, black or yellow, which reduces the risk of tripping and it is easy to drive up a cart or similar.

Ergo ring can also be assembled, available in four basic sizes, which creates many possibilities. Coupled with couplings and can advantageously be lowered at entrances to shops.

Ergonomiska mattor-Ergo Solid
Ergonomiska mattor-Kopplingar

Office mats

Today, more height-adjustable tables are sold more than ever. Ergonomic rugs are also needed in the office. Here you will find carpets in different designs that make your day less difficult.

When it comes to checkout counters, longer reception tables can be in place with one
Ergo Soft. A carpet we manufacture according to your measurements is highly appreciated by those who use the carpet.

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