Ergo Durk ESD

Drought-patterned workplace mat that has a protection against electric shocks. Adapt to your wishes and can be joined to cover large areas.
Can be supplemented with complete ESD coupling with push button that secures the base. The cord is 2.5 m and with ground plug. If it is a long carpet summer, we recommend coupling every 3 meters.

Ergonomiska mattor- Ergo Durk

Namn Artikelnummer Färg Storlek Pris
Ergo Durk ESD ESD114138 black 70cm bred 861kr/m
Ergo Durk ESD ESD114139 black 100cm wide 1459kr/m
Ergo Durk ESD ED114122 black 140cm with 1669kr/m
Jordkabel JK100100 black 2.5 meters with plug 199kr

More information

ErgoDurk is a great-selling mat because of its wear resistance, good ergonomic properties and flexible working areas. This classic Swedish-made quality mat has been on the market for many years and is still as popular. ErgoDurk ESD meets current ESD standards and prevents static electricity making it suitable for the electronics industry.

ErgoDurk has a stability and strength that gives you a lot of mat for the money. The upper layer of the carpet consists of a 3 mm thick turf-patterned esd-rubber which provides a good slip protection. The lower layer is made of foamed PVC-free EPDM cell rubber which gives very good failure and durable bottom that does not crumble or color off. The 11 millimeter thick carpet is an ergonomic base that will be a good relief for knees and joints.

The two layers are glued together with an environmentally friendly glue that resists tough stresses. The bevelled edges of the carpet reduce the risk of tripping and enable, for example, wagons to be easily rolled over.

ESD stands for Electro Static Discharge which means electrostatic discharge in Swedish. Static electricity arises through contact, friction and material separation. Man first senses a discharge at about 3,000 volts while the most sensitive components can be damaged or destroyed at 20-50 volts.

ErgoDurk ESD gives you protection against static electricity. If the floor at the workplace is ESD-protected, the carpet removes the charge via the floor, in other cases a ground contact (ESD cable + ground button) should be used to conduct electricity.

Through its protection against static electricity and high wear resistance, this quality mat is suitable for industrial environments and stores, but also in, for example, Blom’s customized lifting floors / platforms. The carpet is available in standard width but can also be cut or spliced ​​to cover both small and large surfaces. This makes ErgoDurk ESD a very flexible workplace mat that you can get adapted to your needs and wishes.

At customized lengths, the carpet is always delivered with bevelled edges unless otherwise stated. The cutting and phasing costs are included in the price.


100cm, 140cm, 70cm



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